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Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill

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Specifications: Workout area: 18 x 47 inches Built-in fan: No Roller dimension: 42mm Incline: 0 to 5 percent (manual) Horsepower: 2.25 THP (1. 5 CHP) Frame: Steel Capacity: 250 pounds Folded dimensions: 29 by 56 by 26.25 inches (W x H x D) Expanded dimensions: 29 by 52 by 61 inches (W x H x D) Warranties: Lifetime on the frame, 1 year on the motor, 90 days on parts and labor About Merit Fitness Merit Fitness is dedicated to building high-quality exercise equipment that fits your lifestyle. The 715T also offers a spacious 18-by-47-inch workout area that provides plenty of walking or running room, along with an Aerosoft cushioning system below the belt that isolates your feet and legs from shock. We regret it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. Shipping: This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. Shipping Weight: 135 pounds (View shipping rates and policies). Additional shipping charges will not apply. Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Product Manual (PDF) Product Dimensions: 64 x 31 x 56 inches ; 108 pounds.

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Best Treadmills 2012

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Kenya: So to make a long story short, we’ve had the treadmill for a month and have only been able to use it once. The machine was displaying an E1 message on the instrument panel.So we discussed about going less expensive and getting this one but we are very grateful we did is a good idea. I don’t regret it at all. S , as I think. I also required one that was slimline and not huge as we have a small house. If you want to get in shape, and don’t have a ton of money to spend on a treadmill, you should buy this one. I can tell you that the treadmill’s rate is simple to improve and reduce.

Anne: So thanks for a good machine. For I did a lot of research before buying this treadmill. Be careful that I am happy with this home fitness treadmill machine. Got 45 minutes in yesterday and even jogged on it with no problem at all. I didn’t want to spend a lot as I will only be going for walks on it and resources are limited now that I can not work. The warranty is good, and includes in-home repair (although you probably won’t need it). The ones at the gym are noiser as we discovered. This treadmills looks so much nicer than it actually is.

Brad: You probably think that perfect product for those wanting to get into the world of keep fit.First the product was shipped right on time and second I love it. It’s mostly together out of the box, so it’s really NOT hard to screw in the bolts and put the handles on. I am a 53 year old male and haven’t felt this good in over 20 yrs.I have a degenerated spine and yet I have had no problems. But overall, I am very happy with this treadmills.. Assembely took only about 30 minutes for me and my husband while our son was napping.3 weeks later we finally heard back from the service technician and he claims he can’t come out until he gets a warranty purchase order from Merit Fitness. This is a wonderful treadmills. The horsepower is about the most you can get. The principal idea is having experienced a significant action and being informed i would never move again,i persevered and can now move short ranges, i purchased this to enhance my style and endurance,im really only going for walks on it but it functions well in this part.

Tamika: It is packed in a way that allows for the box to be somewhat beat up in transit. The belt is both long and wide enough to be completely comfortable. It’s a good, solid, heavy treadmill. I put a piece of velcro on it to attach my mp3 speaker and another velcro piece to hold the ipod in place and now, it has an mp3 speaker and a tv on it. I tried to use it right after her and it wouldn’t work. Rick Covino. We called the customer service line and they told us a technician would be out to help since the machine was under warranty. Who knows how long it will be before it’s fixed.The only more expensive feature I miss a little is the automatic incline, but I can deal with having to set it by hand, and I wouldn’t spend $200 more just to get this feature right now.

Kristen: Get something else with the extra money you saved. This days it is not deafening. In fact, if you do have a lot of money to spend on a machine, I would still recommend this one.Is common sense that definitely satisfied - very frightened at first at buying such products at such a low cost but so far so excellent. The box was in pretty bad shape, and I worried about it not working, but the treadmill was in great condition and wasn’t damaged AT ALL.It is true that very uncomplicated to use. After checking over the items that the customer service gentlemen told us too, the treadmill still didn’t work. Also, there is a place for a water bottle on each side of the console, as well as room to hold a book or Kindle so you can read while working out. This is a wonderful and every nanosecond number when I feel light so it is very excellent for me that this home fitness treadmill machine prevents immediately. As you probably know we had formerly purchased a You are able to home fitness treadmill machine but it split after the first try and was twice the cost of this one.

Kristen: The treadmill came with a sheet of paper with check marks where the factory tested the machine’s proformance before shipping it to me. We purchased the machine and the shipping was very quick. The console is much, much larger than I expected, and the treadmill is larger and sturdier than I anticipated for the money. We emailed the company whom we bought it from and they gave us a list of things to check for. My wife ran on the treadmill for a half hour with no problems. I’ve been having more energy in the day and I’m sleeping well at night. Product came next day strongly packed,requires no set up,grab track just collapses out and one hand stiffened twist maintains it,a springtime packed get maintains it turn for storage space and this is very important. The programs are great and adjusting the speed is simple,and for the price you can’t go wrong and it’s American made.

Latonya: We always said that I required a home fitness treadmill machine to enhance my leg muscle tissue due to situation.A fascinating idea I’m subconscious before I hit the earth when I light so I required a home fitness treadmill machine that prevents deceased when the deceased person’s cable is drawn. Since i’ve had the machine I have to use it every day. I’m 220 (for now) and the treadmill feels very, very stable under me and the belt doesn’t pull or anything. I can still see the heart monitor, speed, and calories burned. I was exited to see that beginning is just change on media on change on user interface 3 bleeps depend you in and you may be away at 1km/h,you can then search up the rate as required. That is very important for me as I light regularly on exercise or status due to inadequate movement and combining system in my thighs due to P. I bought this treadmills after the great reviews. When you turn it off though it does quit deceased - not excellent if you are operating on it but this can be avoided by reducing down your rate to a move before you media the quit option.

Tanisha: First, when going for walks on it the immediate quit from the quit option is not a problem. The treadmill was easy to set up and beginning maintenance was well explained. I was looking for a treadmills for quiet some time now and finally decided to go with th.


Projects range from ideas that wouldn’t be out of place at government agencies to truly unique solutions for problems few have even imagined.

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Dicken Schrader and his kids Milah and Korben perform Everything Counts” by Depeche Mode. Love this. So. Much. 

Dicken Schrader: 80’s keyboard, xylophone, kazoo, tambourine, Coke bottle and voice.
Milah Schrader: Recorder, rattle, windchime and voice.
Korben Schrader: Toy keyboard, maraca, cheese grater and voice.
Music and lyrics by Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode)

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Look up! Cinna + Boots by Capt. Mouffette

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My contribution to #ibelieveinsherlockholmes! I was supposed to do a stencil but it went crazy! :D

Now, how to make this a poster and do more? :D 

(Xacto knife + various paper)

Also, to the Pinoy Sherlockians whom I couldn’t meet yesterday!

EDIT: So many notes, so many THANK YOUS, TUMBLR! Thank you for the Crafts group and to all of the kind words. <3 Here’s a sneak peek of Lestrade and Molly. :D

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Lineposters, prints of city transit systems around the world, for sale at Etsy.

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AUNA Youth Representative at the Dag Hammarskjold Symposium in Beijing


Five youth leaders from our Youth Network were in Beijing in December 2011 to commemorate the death of former UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold and participate in the 2nd Dag Hammarksjold Symposium on the international norm of Responsibility to Protect. This is the fourth in the series.

The last Q&A will be next week Friday. Read more about the Symposium in Beijing.

We asked Amalya Grigoryan, our youth representative from the Armenian United Nations Association (AUNA), to share a few thoughts on her experience while she was in Beijing. 

Amalya and the UNA have established a R2P Division for Youth that is also on Facebook. You can also send Amalya an email to learn more about R2P and the work AUNA is doing with R2P in Armenia!

What did you know about R2P and conflict prevention prior to attending the symposium?

I am honored to be the R2P National Coordinator in Armenia since April, 2011.  For a citizen living in Armenia and in South Caucasus the priority of Conflicts Prevention and Conflicts Resolution are very usual, but at the same time very important things. I am pretty sure that each active member of Civil Society not only thinks but also acts for Conflict Resolution and dialogue serving for development.

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